World Environment Day 2021

World Environment Day 2021-Slogan, History, Quotes


Every year on June 5 we celebrate world environment day, through the whole global area. To protect the environment 1974 first time this action invented .” only one earth” was the first world environment day theme. The main agenda of the theme is to protect us & animals from global warming, air pollution, wildlife misbehaves, etc…

world environment day

who invented world environment day?

If you are looking for the history world environment day then it is the right place. In 1972 on Stockholm Conference first time United Nations General Assembly declare the action. They want to give a message to the whole world about saving our mother nature to protect our future.

What is the slogan of World Environment Day 2021?

“Ecosystem Restoration” is the world environment day theme 2021. This year Pakistan will be the global host to preventing global damage. Next Saturday with UNEP they collaborate and host the greatest world environmental day.

World Environment Day quotes 2021

Still, doubt!! Why do we celebrate World Environment Day?

world environmental day refers to the possessiveness, which we feel between nature, green environment. It never goes wrong if you spend your childhood, free time in the natural climate, it always gives you and your family a good vibe. So the main moto of celebrating world environment day is to increase positivity and awareness among people for their family.

slogan of World Environment Day
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