How to initiate sex without fear of rejection


frustrated from ignored, rejected, and disappointed to get a girlfriend for mental and physical satisfaction!! then How to initiate sex without fear of rejection? is the right article for you…..

how to get a girlfriend fast

For a lot of guys is not just hard work…it’s downright painful

You make an effort, put yourself out there, even spend time and money courting a girl

Only to get ignored, rejected, and disappointed time after time

Did you know the easiest way to get girls is to make them think they’d be LUCKY to get you?

The crazy thing is it’s actually EASIER to do this with super-hot chicks

For most of my adult life, I settled for average-looking girls. I thought any woman over a 7 was out of my league (now I won’t even talk to a girl less than an 8 in looks)

But then I met a guy who EXCLUSIVELY dated only the hottest women – models, dancers, actresses, etc.

But you’d never guess it when first meeting him, because he is chubby, in his 40’s and is VERY average in looks

I finally got him to share his secret with me…

The reason why it’s so easy to brainwash a super-hot girl into thinking you’re the *TROPHY* is that EVERY GUY makes the same mistake with these types of women…and the hotter she is, the more he does it

You’ll want to slap yourself when you see how easy it is to get the women you really want…

The only downside is looking back on all the easy fun you could have had all these years if you only stopped doing this dumb mistake!

How to initiate sex without fear of rejection

Unfortunately, most guys have no idea what they are doing wrong – they are needlessly c*blocking themselves!

If you check out this short video

You can instantly replace this mistake with a powerful little formulate that makes the most BEAUTIFUL women want you!

Don’t miss out on another hottie

how to ask a girl to homecoming

If you’re like me you probably don’t actually like going on date after date, just to get a goodnight kiss.

Or a boring makeout session that only leaves you with blueb*lls!

What I’m about to tell you guarantees EVERY date ends the way YOU want, with any woman (no matter how much of a good girl she seems to be)

What you may not know is that women put men into 3 categories:

Friendzone (“nice guy” with no chance for s-e-x)
The provider (lots of dates and spending money until she “lets you” get your rocks off)
The Fun Guy (there are lots of names women call this type among themselves, but they will never reveal the existence of this 3rd type with other men…unless you ARE one of these guys)

I don’t even want to think about how much time and money I’ve wasted “courting” women, only for them to go cold and ignore my texts and phone calls…

The problem wasn’t that there was anything wrong with me…I simply didn’t understand the female mind like those 3rd-type “Fun guys”

They are also called “players” “naturals” “alpha males”…but those terms don’t explain HOW those guys get girls so easily

But this video breaks it down in a way ANY guy can understand…and USE INSTANTLY

The trick is to turn women on right away, and make 2 simple moves that show the woman:

You’ll blow her mind in bed…AND
She can have “adult fun” with you, without damaging her reputation

How to initiate sex  with girlfriend

You can use this trick to take women home the first time you meet them

The reason why women will come back to your place so fast is that this trick makes them hot and wet, without worrying about looking easy

If you’re a red-blooded man, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to learn this trick NOW

it will be your starting if you want to know How to initiate sex without fear of rejection.

(Trick to) how to make her fall in love with you

If you’ve ever had a crush on a girl and wished she could be yours…

You know how frustrating it can be to want someone who doesn’t want you back

What if you could make that one girl you’ve had your eye on


Without telling her how you feel, asking her out, or making any attempt to win her over…

But instead by tricking her to CHASE YOU!

Up until a couple years ago, I was the very definition of “nice guy” – I thought if I was a gentleman and waited for the right moment, eventually girls would see that I was a good guy.

I thought that my good salary, nice car, and fit body would make women see me as “boyfriend material”

But none of that mattered because I was missing the *one thing* every woman REALLY wants!

You must entice her to chase you and get her thinking naughty thoughts about you and her…alone together.

I discovered the super easy trick to do this…

And it’s a little *sneaky* because you actually use it when making simple, everyday small talk!

Check it out for yourself >>

If you’re like me, you’ll wish you knew this trick years ago – hell, I could’ve used this on the cheerleaders in high school, the party girls in college.

You could say I’m now making up for “lost time” – hook up with babes I meet in bars, cafes, even the store!

I’m a dangerous man, and when you learn this trick, you will be TOO

Don’t miss out on any more easy action! It only takes a few minutes to learn

now you must think how to ask a girl for physical relationship? read the next one

How to initiate sex without fear of rejection

​Have you ever felt nervous about making a move on a girl…
Biding your time, waiting for the right moment…

And then when you took the risk and tried to kiss her, she pulled away, turned her head,

Or looked at you like you were crazy?

I’m gonna show you how to tease a girl until she’s DYING for you to touch her, kiss her, and more…

So that you’ll know exactly when to make your move, and take things to the next level

Without ANY CHANCE of rejection or awkwardness

The key is to touch and kiss a woman in the right order…

In other words, you must give her your attention and affection as a REWARD

If you don’t do this, you’ll look desperate, needy, and awkward

I screwed this up so many times that by the time I was in my 30’s I was absolutely terrified of going out with women, because I knew it would likely end awkwardly, with me trying to kiss her…only to get treated like I had poop on my face

I spent many lonely nights at home, alone, simply because I was afraid of rejection

how to ask a girl for physical relationship

Until I found this POWERFUL METHOD

I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a shot because…

Hey, I had nothing to lose, and it’s not like my dating life could get any worse!

What I was surpassed at how easily this method was to use in real-life, with real women

But I was downright SHOCKED at how FAST it worked…

In fact, women often KISSED ME (which I like much better)

In this free training presentation, you’ll see how insanely simple this method is. Click Here

When you follow the 3 simple steps in this method, you’ll be making out and ripping each other’s clothes off. Don’t go on another date before checking this out.

hope you get your answer about How to initiate sex without fear of rejection .make your life beautiful and entertaining.

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